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Here at Patrick's Enterprises, Inc., we want to give our clients the best so that's why we use DSC (Digital Security Controls) for both residential and commercial installations. This system consists of a minimum of 6 (six) zones and can be expanded to 64 + zones to individually identify the break-in point and to alert officials of what device was activated by the break-in & 1 (one) for Panic/Hold-up. This way, the police do not go to the opposite side of the break-in while the burglar escapes out the other side. This is done only when the system is monitored by our contracted monitoring company, Response Center U.S.A. in San Antonio, TX.

The system has a built-in dialer that dials a 1-866 number that alerts the monitoring company who in turn confirms the break-in and dispatches the police as well as the responsible owners of the premises. We also use door magnets, window glass breaks, P.I.R.'s (motion detectors), etc to ensure your protection. Patrick's Enterprises also offers free estimates and low rates for both products and installations. We guarantee that our residential lock systems will meet & beat the rest.

Our Lock Systems include:

• Master Control Panel with a backup battery
• One (1) Lighted LED Keypad
• One (1) Interior Siren
• Two (2) Door Contacts
• One (1) P.I.R. (Motion Detector)
• Telephone Hookup*
• Window Stickers and Yard Sign
(*) Requires 3-year contract with monitoring.

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